Underneath LINQ

    class Developer


        public string Name { set; get; }

        public string Language { set; get; }

        public int Age { set; get; }



    class Program


        static void Main(string[] args)


            var developers = new[] { new Developer{Name = "Marco", Language = "C#", Age=0},

                                    new Developer{Name="Paolo", Language="C#", Age=1},

                                    new Developer{Name="Redundant", Language="VB", Age=2}};



            var developerNames = from c in developers

                                where c.Language == "C#"

                                select c.Name;



            foreach(var name in developerNames)



            Func<Developer, bool> whereExpression = c => c.Language == "C#";

            Func<Developer, string> selectExpression = c => c.Name;


            IEnumerable<string> developerNames2 = developers.Where(whereExpression).Select(selectExpression);


            foreach (var name in developerNames2)





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